Projects: past and present

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Envirotech – Clean Air Monitoring

Previously powering their equipment using petrol generators, the emissions of the generator combined with the emissions of the vehicle were having a negative effect on the results and so our Lithium Power Supply is now offering a zero carbon alternative saving fuel. Following successful application in a standard van the company is now also using our system in an electric van for even more clarity in terms of the data they are collecting.

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Waveplay – Editing On Set

When working on location Waveplay were having to power their equipment using noisy and expensive petrol generators that cost money to maintain and took up valuable space.

Providing digital lab services to the film and television industry, they process and archive footage for large feature films and commercials. Recent clients include Marvel, Disney, Studio Canal and Working Title as well as commercial clients such as Audi, Jaguar and Bose. Here’s what they had to say about us:

After speaking at length with Perpetual V2G Systems we knew we had found the right product and system integrator. They were extremely knowledgable and quickly worked out a system that would fit our exact requirements.

We are able to work for up to 2 hours (with everything in the van running) on just the battery. The system has been faultless since day one and has proven itself to be an essential piece of kit. The ability to work silently has been very important on a number of occasions when shooting in residential areas either early in the morning or late at night. Whatever location we find ourselves in we know that the power system from Perpetual V2G Systems will get the job done.


Doosan Babcock – Specialist Engineers

A global conglomerate, they have an R&D facility in Scotland where they are now using our systems. This has given them the flexibility of being able to change their operations set-up without the need for changing the electrical infrastructure of the building and as our systems are fully mobile they can continue to change their layout to suit their needs.


Natwest – The Startup Bus

A mobile roadshow that is on tour offering start up advice and support to new business around the county. The set up of the bus requires power for lighting, music, computers and tea and coffee making facilities and previously they were using noisy diesel generators to meet their requirements. The installation of our Lithium Power Supply now means that they can provide the same level of service without polluting the air and without having to battle with the noise of generators.


Sainsbury’s Online – Click & Collect Service

Our patented refrigeration start/stop system allows the refrigerated vehicle’s engines to be switched off when not moving. Working in conjunction with Sainsbury’s and Carrier Transicold, we have provided them with up to 12 hours of autonomous cooling, without the need to run the engine or have any external electrical input!

Now live in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, this is the sector-leading option for the chilled goods delivery channel. Zero noise, zero CO2 – just hours of chilling.


Melvyn Evans Motorsport – Rally Support Vehicle

Melvyn Evans Motorsport is one of the leading rally car hire companies in Europe. Attending the sports leading events, their support vans of an exceptional standard. The issue they face: remote locations with no electrical grid input – running generators was their only option. Enter Perpetual V2G Systems! We quickly installed a compact on-board power system that charges when the vehicle is in motion. Within one hour the system holds enough charge to run this van for the weekend.

We have provided silent, CO2 neutral, reliable power for a client regularly in the spotlight.


Renovagen – Solar Energy Storage Systems

Renovagen produce the innovative RollArray – a rollable solar panel system – that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world. They approached us to build a prototype energy storage system, using market-leading lithium-ion battery cells.