Zero Carbon Power Systems Named Innovation of the Year

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South Wales Company Perpetual V2G Systems were last month announced the winners of the Innovation Award at The Green Fleet Awards 2016 at a ceremony in Edgbaston Cricket Stadium in Birmingham. Winning this award is a huge achievement, being a young company in such an established sector and being up against global automotive leaders.


Their product, the Lithium Power Supply, is currently cutting hundreds of thousands of pounds of fuel costs and over a million kilograms of CO2 by replacing the need for engine idling to power refrigeration units on supermarket delivery vans, utility vehicles and leisure vehicles. The system uses the latest lithium ion technology and is zero carbon, zero maintenance and zero noise offering huge versatility for its users.

Started in 2013 by CEO Andy Ling; Perpetual V2G Systems has set out to lead the way in revolutionizing how auxiliary equipment is powered by storing otherwise wasted energy from a vehicle when it is in motion. The system is simple to use and as a solution based company the team work round the clock to ensure that each set up is relevant to the needs of the client, and running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

CEO Andy says ‘it is a great honour to win an award, particularly when we are still such a young company, and some of those we were up against are huge and established companies like BMW, but it does go to show how big the impact of what we do is and it helps get our message out there, which is invaluable in itself.’

The Perpetual V2G team are having a great year winning The Fast Track Company of the year at the Business Green Leader Awards, and also the Green Start up of the year Award in September and they hope that these successes will continue to encourage new businesses which in turn cuts more carbon and provides cleaner air for all of us.

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